Tyler Ku’ulani Lopez


Sooooooo… Yeah. This movie was everything I thought it would be which is to say fantastic. I will say very early on: this is not- repeat not not not- a superhero movie to take your kids to. This is a superhero movie you go watch while your kid is busy pissing off your underpaid babysitter who is also your neighbor’s kid who thinks they’re sneaking glasses of vodka without you knowing even though they put the vodka back in the wrong place and let’s face it you know you’re not drinking the vodka so where is it all going? Oh yeah! I’m reviewing Deadpool:

1 – Writing: 9/10

So good. So so freaking good. Obviously there’s gratuitous cursing and all that, but the story is simple and concise while still being creative and fun. You’ve got to be ready all the time because the jokes come hot and heavy right from the start. Literally right from the start when the opening credits are rolling. Also, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but if you like sarcastic, dark humor then this movie is your cup of tea. Heck it might be two whole cups of your tea.

2 – Direction: 9/10

Tim Miller is pretty fresh to the directing scene. So fresh in fact that this is his first real film that he’s directed and boy what a strong start! Good job Tim Miller! It’s not an artistic piece, but who the hell needs every movie to be the mona lisa? Sometimes street art is more fun anyway. Tim Miller was involved in the making of another movie of similar awesomeness in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and he keeps a lot of that flavor in Deadpool. Again: good job Tim Miller! I’m proud of you!

3- Cinematography: 7/10

Now there’s not a ton of jaw dropping cinematic moments in this movie, but I didn’t want any. They’d feel weird and out of place like watching Fatal Attraction with your grandmother on the couch.

4 – Acting: 8/10

If you came to this movie looking for Leonardo DiCaprio fighting a bear in the wilderness then boy were you lucky to not sit through that two and a half hours! Ryan Reynolds is totally Deadpool. The only thing separating Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds is a few tours as a military operative, a mutant healing factor, and the ability to jump around and do flip and stuff. Well maybe he can do flips I don’t know. Either way, Ryan is amazing and Ed Skrein is really good. Both of them are fantastically attractive. Everyone else is super duper okay (which works fine for the movie).

5 – Editing: 8/10

Editing was good. There weren’t any major flaws or anything. The movie timeline jumps around a lot so there’s opportunities for mistakes, but there weren’t any. So… Yeah. Moving on.

6 – Sound: 8/10

This movie has plenty of weird stuff going on so there’s just a ton of room for weird sounds and more importantly those sounds to be messed up. But they didn’t mess any of those sounds up at least not bad enough for me to notice. So… Yeah. Moving on again. What a thorough review this is!

7 – Score: Soundtrack/Music: 10/10

The music was by the legendary Junkie XL and no that’s not a typo. If you don’t know Junkie XL aka Tom Holkenburg, he has a legendary resume. Junkie has worked on some of the greatest pieces in the last 20 years including Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch has a Glitch, Blade, Freddy vs. Jason, The L Word, Catwoman, and Resident Evil. The soundtrack for this movie is brilliant and could even be Junkie’s best work.

8 – Production Design: 8/10

The feel of this movie is perfect. I mean seriously it makes you want to go back and slap Bryan Singer in the face for giving us X-Men: The Matrix Wardrobe. The production team built a universe within the X-Men universe that feels more like a comic book and yet feels more like our world today too. Instead of Bryan Singer’s typically overworked worlds and demure, lame costume design.

9 – Casting: 10/10

I don’t use the word perfect much. Actually I use it a lot now that I think about it. I use it probably too much and devalue its worth a bit. But the casting was perfect though! Ed Skrein made the perfect punchable, British bad guy. Of course Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool just like Harrison Ford is Han Solo or Tom Hanks is a dull-witted chocolate fan. The rest of the ensemble fits in perfectly too, it’s just perfect!

10 – Effects: 8/10

I’ll be honest, some of the effects were not the greatest but they were all better than X-Men: Origins which is the real battle. I’d say they were great most of the time, but every now and then they skimped on some of the specific stuff like Deadpool flipping through the air. That takes some precise work and they just kind of let it go. It works pretty well because we all know this is a comic book movie, but it could have been better too.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Man maybe I’m too harsh on my scores sometimes. This movie is about as much fun as you can ask for. It’s not going to win an academy award so you can actually go enjoy the movie without feeling like a snob! I’ll be honest though: this movie has some seriously dark humor in it, so be prepared to laugh at serious illnesses, torture, and general mean comments about things. If you can’t laugh at those things, maybe this movie isn’t for you. No it’s definitely definitely not for you. If that’s your kind of humor though (like me) then you’re going to love it. Highly recommend!