Wade Deckard

Apparently everyone who survived the first Independence Day film didn’t learn anything. Here we have a sequel in which we are presented with a bunch of characters only to be trampled over by returning characters and you are left wondering who and what to root for. You also catch glimpses of a visually beautiful world only to be lost your own confusion. In the end, Independence Day: Resurgence is just a cheap copy of its predecessor and you almost wish the aliens would win this time.

The scope of the film is fine. The visuals of the film are fine and even sometimes great. Even the seeds to the idea of the film are fine. But. There is zero emotion in this film. It is an action film about humanity’s last (second last) hope but is devoid of any real humanity. I couldn’t quite quite gives this film a failing grade because it could have been so so much worse. It could also have been so so much better. Wait for this one on TV and feel free to change the channel.

Writing: 5/10
Direction: 5/10
Cinematography: 6/10
Acting: 5/10
Editing: 5/10
Sound: 8/10
Score/Soundtrack: 7/10
Production Design: 8/10
Casting: 5/10
Effects: 7/10

Overall Score: 6.0/10