Andrew Baron-Vartian

Sicario is an unforgettable film filled with dramatic tense set pieces only matched by its own sense of purpose. Brought to you by Denis Villeneuve, the director of 2013’s exquisite hidden gem of a thriller Prisoners, Villeneuve’s vision shines brightly through with every scene. You can feel it’s presence within every facet of the filmmaking process, that’s how you know you are truly watching an auteur weave the cinematic story.

Shot by the brilliant Roger Deakins, the cinematography is a stand out by itself. Each scene feels genuinely portrait-esque. Villeneuve and Deakins visual style capture the spirit and essence of this dark and gritty story. The cinematography is only rivaled by the honest and authentic performances delivered by Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro. Blunt and Del Toro specifically are outstanding; Blunt gives a star-turning performance while Del Toro steals every scene he is in. Yet with all this acclaim, the most impressive feat is its powerful message/purpose. With all the chaos in this world, it’s difficult to imagine this story as just a work of fiction. If you’re more than a casual filmgoer, I strongly recommend you check out this film.

Writing: 8/10
Direction: 10/10
Cinematography: 10/10
Acting: 10/10
Editing: 9/10
Sound: 10/10
Score/Soundtrack: 9/10
Production Design: 8/10
Casting: 10/10
Effects: 9/10

Overall Score: 9.3/10

Ranking Order:
Sicario – 9.3/10
Sicario: Day of the Soldado – 7.7/10

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