Andrew Baron-Vartian


John Wick: Chapter 2 just plain rocks. Is it the best movie you will see for 2017? No. Does it accomplish exactly what it sets out to do? Yes! While it might not have as much heart as the first film it more than compensates for that with legitimate non-stop action and thrills. If you’re remotely a fan of this genre it’s the most fun you’ll have at the theaters right now and it absolutely warrants the viewing in theaters. In fact, you would be doing yourself a disservice to watch it at home. Get out and go watch John Wick: Chapter 2!

Writing: 7/10
Direction: 8/10
Cinematography: 9/10
Acting: 7/10
Editing: 8/10
Sound: 10/10
Soundtrack/Score: 5/10
Production Design: 9/10
Casting: 7/10
Effects: 10/10

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Ranked Order:
John Wick
John Wick: Chapter 2