Andrew Baron-Vartian


Blood Father brings us the return of Mel Gibson’s classic action/suspense genre we’ve watched since the 1980s.  Blood Father gets a solid review! I really did have a good time with this film. It might be a by-the-numbers plot but the performance Gibson gives and the cinematic style and technical ability of the action and suspense sets it apart. A definite recommendation for anyone who is a fan of Gibson and this genre.  For the rest of you, this is a nice small little alternative action movie at the end of what I believe to be a disappointing summer, so enjoy!

Writing: 6/10
Direction: 8/10
Cinematography: 8/10
Acting: 8/10
Editing: 9/10
Sound: 9/10
Soundtrack/Score: 4/10
Production Design: 6/10
Casting: 8/10
Effects: 9/10

Overall Score: 7.5/10